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Therapy Services

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Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

The aim of physiotherapy is is to restore function and promote physical well-being. Whatever your goals, whether its playing with the grandchildren, rebuilding your body or performing at the highest level,
I can support you.

Image by David Hofmann

Dance Specific Services

Don't watch from the wings...

Knowledge of dance technique and many years of working with dancers of all ages, styles and levels underpins the range of dancer specific services on offer.

Rugby Players

Sports Injury Services

From field to first place

Nobody likes watching from the sidelines as they struggle with injury. Our love for sport can lead us ineveitably to injury no matter how much we try to avoid it. I work with athletes every step of that journey from on-field injury to restoring peak performance.
Dont just rebuild it build it stronger.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Womens Health Services

Our bodies are amazing lets look after them

Pregnancy, menopause and more, our bodies go through so many changes understanding those changes is crucial to looking after yourself and reducing the often all too common (but not very talked about) symptoms experienced by many ladies. Pilates based strengthening underpins a lot of my womens health work but the hands on approach can also offer welcome relief from the stresses and strains.

Sports Practice

Paediatric and Adolescent Services

Our mini-humans need a different approach…..

Growing bodies present with their own very specific set of challenges. From growth and development related problems to injuries sustained both on and off the sports field. I want to ensure your little (and not so little!) ones are well looked after so they can stay on the move.


Pilates-based Rehabilitation

Everyones doing it but are they doing it right?

From the outside a Pilates class can look like very basic movements, easy in fact! Most of my patients would argue different!
Done well, Pilates strengthens the foundation of functional movement patterns. Whether you're gracing the stage at the Theatre Royal, preparing to deadlift double your weight or playing football with the kids your program will be tailored to your needs.


Occupational Health

Leave work at the office

We hear a lot about our work-life balance but nowhere is the impact of this more noted than in our bodies. Unfortunately not everyone can work as a professional athlete and repetitive tasks/postures all have an impact on our bodies capacity to perform in other areas of life, usually the ones we enjoy most!

SUP Yoga

Hypermobility Services

Even bendy bodies get stiff

Many patients who end up coming to me for treatment are hypermobile, it's a condition that is widely misunderstood and often poorly managed. They have often amazed other healthcare professionals with how far they can still move despite their ongoing painful symptoms. We are all unique but hypermobility presents a very specific set of challenges to therapists.


TMJ Dysfunction

Is jaw pain grinding you down?

The jaw joint is one of the most utilised parts of our body and often where we store our tension. Pain, clicking and locking are common symptoms associated with dysfunction but often the problem is more complex than that. Balance disturbance, Tinnitus and neck pain commonly present as part of the bigger picture.

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