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Don’t be frustrated waiting in the wings, lets get you back on your feet...

I used to dance, and even performed in a few professional shows in my time. Whilst I was never going to grace the Royal Ballet’s stage my love for dance and knowledge of technique underpins my practise in this area. I have worked with leading professional artists both visiting and resident in the North East across many genres of dance including Alvin Ailey Company, members of the Strictly and Disney on Ice shows, Candoco, and Ballet Lorent. From break dancing to Irish, contemporary to rapper and all that goes between. I love working to keep a dancer on their toes.

Understanding the specific needs of different dance genres and performing artists allows me to ensure I provide specific advice and incorporate dance fully at all stages of your rehabilitation. As a result we can minimise time spent watching from the side of the studio and ensure your body is truly ready for getting back onto the dance floor.

The dance screening service came as a result of a project for my Masters degree which researched predictors of injury within dance and required development of a screening tool based on the evidence. It has since evolved as a process to help young dance students explore their own bodies learning about their own unique movement patterns and facilitating their safe development into artists. It can also be delivered as a pre-pointe screening helping young dancers to progress safely towards the goal of dancing ‘en-pointe’.


 - Dance injury assessment/Treatment

 - On-Site performance support

 - 1-1 dancer development screenings

 - Pre-Pointe Screenings

 - Choreography analysis for dancer support & injury prevention

 - Dancer education/wellbeing services

For more information about any of the services or to discuss your specific needs....

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