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Sports Practice

Our mini-humans need a different approach…..

Growing bodies present with their own very specific set of challenges. From growth and development related problems to injuries sustained both on and off the sports field. I want to ensure your little (and not so little) ones are well looked after. They aren’t just mini versions of us and it’s important to recognise that throughout the process. I offer clear diagnosis and plans for parents, age-appropriate explanations, exercises and treatment plans that consider all the things they want to be doing in life. The homely environment of the clinic can be encouraging for children who aren’t so comfortable in more medical surroundings.

As young athletes they have so much potential and encouraging good self-management strategies sets them up to look after themselves. Many children with growth-related problems often receive advice that they just need to rest until it eases up but that isn’t always possible when they are wanting to be on the go all the time. Often their problems ease with rest only to flare up again as they start back training and the longer they rest the more they feel left behind both physically and mentally, increasing their chances of injury when they return to their sport. With a good clinical assessment we can really tailor a program to keep your child as active as possible whilst protecting them as they recover and grow.

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