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Practising Yoga

Everyone’s doing it but make sure you’re doing it right...

Pilates seems to be a thread that weaves its way through many of my therapeutic interests. It has its origins in dance but is now widely recognised as being beneficial for improving postural awareness and the symptoms of spinal pain. It forms the basis for many hypermobility rehabilitation programs due to its stabilising approach but underpins the good movement patterns essential for efficient, injury free performance in any sport. Its physiological links with the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles mean it also forms the basis of our ante and post-natal support programs.

Its rise in popularity has led to many people incorporating it into their exercise routines (including Chelsea football club). Classes combining Pilates with other forms of exercise are popping up all over and as lockdown forced us into a more online exercise environment many people are tuning in to get those 6-pack abs!

The key message is that it is not just doing Pilates but doing it well that will mean you see and feel the benefits. Many of the exercises use simple movements leading some to feel it is easy by comparison to other forms of exercise. Good technique and a tailored program that helps you transition the skills from the mat into everyday function will see you achieve your goals faster.

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