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A bendy body doesn't have to mean a painful one....

Being ‘bendy’ can have its advantages if you plan to join cirque du soleil but it comes with its own challenges. It is difficult to treat a lot of dancers without encountering hypermobility, it was natural an appreciation for this poorly understood problem developed within my practise. It is often believed that a patient will have pain because they are hypermobile and therefore the assumption is that because we can’t change the hypermobility there is nothing that can be done to help. There is however a very wide spectrum of how this problem can affect an individual and treatment is aims to helping people recognise their body’s changing needs, understand them and address them.

Newly diagnosed? the world of google and social media can be a scary one to navigate, having some guidance at this point can be very helpful. I can help you or your child to establish an achievable and realistic long-term plan to look after yourself.

Whether it’s a specific problem/injury or just general aches and pains that have been passed off as being ‘because you’re bendy’ getting the right treatment can help you to achieve your goals, reduce pain and promote function. I can help you understand how to ensure this is done safely and with understanding of your specific needs due to the hypermobility.

Image by Wesley Tingey
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