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About the clinic...

Modern Neighborhood

The Clinic

Where we are and what to expect...

The Clinic Ethos

Engage, Empower, Achieve

One size doesn't fit all, everybody's treatment plan is bespoke to their needs as an individual. Learn more about the threads that tie them together...

Physical Therapy
Rubber Gloves

The Clinic in Coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted us all in various ways. Learn how I am working to keep us all safe....

Opening Hours

You can contact me anytime by email please include a contact telephone number and I will get back to you asap. Please be aware that as a busy mum of two young children that may not always be immediately but I aim for within 24hrs.
For urgent queries you are best contacting me on my mobile 07399532664.
Clinic hours can be flexible by arrangement to meet individual circumstances but regular clinic hours are usually:

Monday 5.30-9.15pm

Wednesday 9.30-5pm

Thursday 9.30-5pm

Friday 9.30-5pm

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