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Leg Injury

Is Physiotherapy right for me?

As a physiotherapist I support people of all ages suffering from any form of problem with the soft tissues of the body and joints.

Yes, some areas I have worked more specifically in are identified as separate services but fundamentally my job is to provide a clinical examination, diagnose the problem and then advise regarding the best plan to facilitate your recovery and get you back doing what you want to be doing. I treat everything from the acute injury to chronic problems that just won't go away and are limiting your ability to enjoy life in the way you want.

My breadth of experience is often why I  am recommended for complex case management, where people may feel physio hasn't provided the answers historically. I enjoy trying to unlock a problem and realise somebody's potential with them.

As a profession Physiotherapy is often thought of as being just advice and exercises. In this world of social media recommendations and ever increasing variations on professional titles we are often overlooked for osteo's, chiro's, masseurs etc. however Physiotherapist is a protected title for a reason. We are underpinned by our degree knowledge and recognised as healthcare professionals. There is so much more we can offer and I'm sure my existing patients would agree I am not shy of being 'hands-on' with the problem when needed.

I could list lots of diagnoses that physiotherapy can help with here but the reality is more often than not I can help in some way and if not I can point you to someone that can. If you're still unsure let's chat further...

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